5 reasons why Mavericks won’t regret re-signing Kyrie Irving

The Dallas Mavericks achieved one of their top offseason goals in re-signing Kyrie Irving, and here are five reasons why they won't regret it.

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving, NBA Free Agency
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving, NBA Free Agency / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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3. Irving's three-point game

Last season, the Dallas Mavericks attempted 41 three-pointers per game. This was the third-highest in the league. The problem was, the team only made 15.2 of their attempts. For the record, only three players on the team who shot seven or more three-pointers a game last season made 34% or more of their attempts.

On top of the list was Irving, who converted 39.2% of his threes. In his final game for Dallas last season, Irving dropped in 31 points, converting 60% of his shots from long range.

For his career, Irving is a 39.1% three-point shooter. Over the past seven seasons, his three-point percentage has yet to drop below 37%. His best year came in the 2014-2015 season when he knocked in 41.5% of his attempts.

In his first game with Dallas, Irving made 50% of his threes. In March and April, he converted 40% of his long-range shots.

Irving's presence can be beneficial for a team that shoots over 40 threes a game. Remember earlier how I showed a video of Irving being open at the three because opposing defenses collapsed on Doncic? This is exactly the sort of impact he can have.