5 Winners, 5 losers from the Dallas Mavericks following trade deadline

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8. Winner: Dereck Lively II

The Dallas Mavericks relied so much on Dereck Lively II at the beginning of the season that it was almost concerning. Lively II's availability almost always directly correlated to if Dallas was winning or not, and he quickly became an essential piece on the team.

Lively II has been phenomenal when on the floor, but it was clear that Dallas needed someone else behind him. Dwight Powell and Richaun Holmes couldn't hold down the fort when Lively II was on the bench or out of the lineup, so the Mavs decided to trade for Daniel Gafford.

Although they have only played one game together, this trade is massive for Lively II and the squad.

Now the Mavs can comfortably send Lively II to the bench without panicking that the other team will dominate on the glass and in the paint. Gafford is an elite rim protector, just like Lively II, and gives his all on the glass.

Lively II is a winner from this trade deadline because he doesn't have as much pressure on him and he won't need to be relied upon as much. He will remain a crucial piece for the squad, but adding some insurance behind him likely gives him some peace of mind and confidence to continue to perform at a high level.