5 Winners, 5 losers from the Dallas Mavericks following trade deadline

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9. Loser: Dwight Powell

Unlike his longtime teammate Maxi Kleber, Dwight Powell is someone whom the trade deadline will not benefit. The Dallas Mavericks now have three centers in front of him (Dereck Lively II, Daniel Gafford, and Kleber) and this looks as if it will cause Powell to fall completely out of the rotation.

Although Powell showed some bright spots lately, he has had a mediocre season overall. He has even looked unplayable at times, and the trade for Gafford pushes Powell down the depth chart even more.

The trade for Gafford is something that Powell is likely excited about, as it made the Mavs significantly better, but the downside to that is that he won't be able to contribute as much on the floor. Powell is just as important on the bench as he is on the floor since he is such a great leader, but it doesn't seem like fans will get to see Powell take the floor on a regular basis.

This will be an unusual feeling, as longtime Mavs fans are used to seeing him starting and playing a big role for this team, but his new reduced role is likely a great option for him and the team. He remains essential for the team as he brings energy and good vibes from the bench, but the Dwight Powell era could be over soon as it seems like there are no minutes left for him.