5 Winners, 5 losers from the Dallas Mavericks following trade deadline

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The Dallas Mavericks were busy at this year's trade deadline, as they made two moves that considerably altered the team in a positive way.

The first trade was for Daniel Gafford with the Washington Wizards. Gafford has started in two of the three games he's played in and is playing at a high level.

The second trade was for P.J. Washington with the Charlotte Hornets. Washington has also started in two games for Dallas, and his defense has been outstanding.

5 Winners, 5 losers from the Dallas Mavericks following trade deadline

Dallas is 3-0 in games that both Gafford and Washington play in, and the team is riding a six-game winning streak following their win over the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night. Even though this deadline has been massive for the team as a whole, it could prove to be negative for some players.

Here are six winners and five losers from the Dallas Mavericks following the trade deadline.

10. Winner: Maxi Kleber

This trade deadline was massive for Maxi Kleber as the Dallas Mavericks added another true center in Daniel Gafford. Due to Dallas adding Gafford, Kleber will now be able to play power forward. Kleber had been playing tons of center, and now that Dallas has Dereck Lively II and Gafford healthy, they could allow Kleber to play the four.

Kleber has been great defensively since returning from his toe injury, and he has quickly become someone who is a big difference-maker for the Mavs. You may not know that by just looking at the box score, but Kleber is always making winning plays and is slowly getting his legs back under him.

There were points earlier in the season when Kleber looked like he may never return to peak form ever again. His play as of late has destroyed that narrative, and Kleber will be someone that Dallas likely leans heavily upon as the final stretch of the season approaches.