6 Win-now Dallas Mavericks trade targets if Nico Harrison wants to go all-in

Dec 26, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Pistons forward Bojan Bogdanovic
Dec 26, 2023; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Pistons forward Bojan Bogdanovic / Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Royce O'Neale

Surprise, another 3-and-D wing makes the list. As previously discussed, the Mavericks do roster multiple players with this archetype. However, the more the merrier.

In this case, enter Royce O'Neale. One of the many 3-and-D wings on the Brooklyn Nets roster. After trading James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving a season ago, the Nets acquired a plethora of switchable forwards.

Two of the wings are locked in, Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson. But the other two wings seem to be expendable. After starting a majority of the games a season ago, O'Neale has only started six of 30 games this season.

O'Neale's time on the court has also declined to only 21.3 minutes per game in December after averaging 30 minutes per contest in November. On Wednesday night, O'Neale started against the Milwaukee Bucks, but he only recorded 10 minutes of action.

Like his teammate Finney-Smith, O'Neale is a low-usage, 3-point marksman. His usage percentage ranks 13th-to-last in the league. But with limited touches, he averages 2.2 3-pointers per game, a top-45 mark in the NBA.

Roughly 82 percent of O'Neale's field goal attempts are from beyond the arc. And 89 percent of his three's are assisted. He's the ideal spot-up marksman to play next to Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

Additionally, O'Neale has spent 10 percent or more of his time on the floor at three different positions. He's an extremely malleable player, capable of adding another much-needed component to the Dallas roster.