5 Reasons why Jaylen Brown could end up on the Dallas Mavericks in 2024

Dallas Mavericks, Jaylen Brown
Dallas Mavericks, Jaylen Brown / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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The Dallas Mavericks traded for Kyrie Irving to be the team’s second star next to Luka Doncic, but their roster is far from a finished product. Fans have seen the struggles in real time since the deal, and the Mavs need to upgrade their squad if they want to be serious title contenders.

Dallas will keep trying to add talent. They have struggled in recent years and made some puzzling decisions, but the Mavericks want to build a yearly title contender around Luka. Kyrie is a free agent this summer, and keeping him long-term is their top priority. After that, it is about building their roster around their two stars.

Could the Mavericks make it a “Big 3” soon? Two-time All-Star Jaylen Brown is likely to hit free agency in 2024, and he has close ties with a few key pieces in Dallas. Here are five reasons why the 6’6 wing could end up on the Mavs.

Jaylen Brown could end up on the Dallas Mavericks because of contract situation with Celtics

Boston penny pinched a bit when Brown signed a four-year $106 million extension, and it could cost them. The 26-year-old is only eligible for $36 million in the first year of his new deal if he signs an extension where he could get $44 million on the open market, according to The Athletic’s John Hollinger (subscription required). JB has no incentive to sign an extension unless he makes the All-NBA team this year. It could happen, but if it does not, he will become an unrestricted free agent in 2024.

Jaylen Brown wants to be valued both on and off the court, and his name popping up in trade rumors has not helped his relationship with the organization in Boston.

That puts the Celtics in the same difficult position that the Mavericks were in with Jalen Brunson last summer. Do they trade him before he becomes a free agent or risk losing him with zero return on the open market? Dallas took the risk and was left with nothing. Boston is likely to do the same. They did it with Kyrie in 2019, and he chose Brooklyn in free agency.

When Jaylen Brown becomes available, the Mavericks should be in the running for his services because of his close ties with multiple key figures in Dallas.