5 Dallas Mavericks who clearly need more playing time

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1. Dereck Lively II

Out of all the players mentioned in this article, Dereck Lively II has received the most action on game days. Yet, he still is in need of additional time.

In Lively II's breakout game on opening night, he scored sixteen points and hauled in ten rebounds. Additionally, Lively II recorded a plus/minus of plus-20. Lively II has been remarkable thus far and only deserves more time on the hardwood.

His connection with Luka Doncic looks natural. And, he provides all Dallas guards with a viable target whenever he rolls to the rim. Lively II is 7-foot-1 and sports a 7-foot-7 wingspan. His incredible athleticism allows him to soar over defenders and catch passes anywhere near the rim.

The former Blue Devil has looked further ahead on offense than expected. In college, he only averaged 5.2 points per game. And perhaps something more shocking, Lively II's career high in points was 11 at Duke.

Lively II has enjoyed success on the offensive end, but where he'll make a difference long-term is on defense. The athletic big man will anchor the Dallas defense for the foreseeable future. And, playing Lively II around 25-30 minutes a game now certainly wouldn't hurt.

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