5 Dallas Mavericks who clearly need more playing time

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2. Jaden Hardy

Most Mavs fans have wondered where Jaden Hardy has been. After playing in 48 games a season ago, the former second-rounder hasn't received a minute of action thus far.

There could be good reason for Hardy's lack of playing time, but a player as talented as Hardy should at least see a few minutes per game.

Hardy is a microwave scorer, who can put up points in a hurry. A player every team in the NBA could use. However, the Mavs currently have two players in the rotation similar to Hardy.

Tim Hardaway Jr. and Seth Curry are knockdown shooters who don't contribute much on the defensive end. While Hardy provides a different skillset than both of the aforementioned marksmen, he's an offensive specialist without much else to provide.

All in all, Hardy is deserving of minutes. Playing Hardy instead of Curry would add a different dimension to the Dallas offense. Also, docking Hardaway Jr.'s minutes would allow Hardy more time on the court.

Besides Doncic and Irving, the Mavs lack off-the-bounce scorers. Every Mav, sans Doncic and Irving, are assisted on more than 60 percent of their field goal makes. Hardy would give Dallas a third scoring option capable of creating his own shot.