5 Dallas Mavericks who clearly need more playing time

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3. Olivier-Maxence Prosper

Despite being drafted near the end of the first round, Olivier-Maxence Prosper had a shot to begin the season as a starter. But, in the preseason, Prosper quickly looked overmatched against NBA competition.

It's clear that Prosper is still developing on offense. He only shot 26 percent from the floor during the preseason. To make matters worse, Prosper shot a ghastly 9 percent from distance.

The former Golden Eagle was drafted based on his athleticism, energy, and two-way potential. Giving Prosper some run with the starters, or even the second-stringers should speed up his development.

While playing with the starters, Prosper could showcase his athleticism on offense and versatility on defense. And with the second unit, Prosper would get more looks on offense while still demonstrating his relentless energy.

Even though Prosper may not be able to shoot the ball with excellent efficiency or score more than 10 points per game, he could at least replicate what Jones Jr. has done thus far with the starting five.

Playing the 21-year-old forward over Jones Jr., or off the bench might be key in speeding up his development. Something imperative for the future of the Mavs.

If Prosper can prove that he can knock down open shots, he could be a valuable role player before the end of the season.