5 Dallas Mavericks who clearly need more playing time

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4. Richaun Holmes

One of the newest Mavs, Richaun Holmes, hasn't stepped foot on the court this season. And, it could be for good reason. During the preseason, Holmes looked more like the player he has been over the past two seasons rather than the player he was in 2020-21 where he averaged 14.2 points and 8.3 rebounds per game.

In limited preseason action, Holmes went 2-of-10 from the floor. His offense has looked shaky. But, perhaps more time with a playmaker like Luka Doncic would do Holmes wonders.

As evidenced by Dereck Lively II's abrupt ascension, Holmes' field goal percentage would surely skyrocket if he were to be on the other end of Doncic or even Kyrie Irving's assists.

While it obviously wouldn't be smart to give Holmes more minutes than Lively II. Playing Holmes in Kleber's role could pay dividends. Kleber has been used as a stretch forward to defend the perimeter and shoot threes, but his defense has lacked and his shooting is only so-so.

It may not be the best move playing Holmes next to Lively II or even Dwight Powell due to shooting restraints, but 10-15 minute spurts off the bench could give Holmes a chance to prove his worth.

However, if Powell plays as well as he did on Friday night, his inclusion into the lineup should be a given from here on out.