4 Mavericks who could get axed from Jason Kidd's playoff rotation

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3. Dwight Powell

With Dallas Mavericks rookie Dereck Lively II being out with a knee sprain, veteran center Dwight Powell has returned to the rotation. Powell has seen his role change as much as anyone this season, as he went from starting last season to now being the third-string center.

While many players would pout and complain about not being in the rotation, Powell has been a pro through it all and embraced his new role. He is always bringing energy on the bench and is always encouraging his teammates.

While Powell is in the rotation now due to Lively II being hurt, it's almost certain that he won't be playing minutes once Lively II returns to the lineup. Powell's effectiveness on the court this season has not been where it needs to be for him to consistently contribute.

Powell was never expected to be in the playoff rotation, and the only way I see him playing valuable minutes in the postseason is if Lively II is out for an extended period of time. Even if Lively II isn't ready to go when the playoffs start, Powell may still get axed from Jason Kidd's rotation.

Kidd will be the first one to credit Powell's leadership and maturity, but his impact will likely be felt more from the bench than the hardwood during Dallas' hopeful postseason run.