5 Dallas Mavericks who benefit the most from Klay Thompson signing

Klay Thompson
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3. Luka Doncic

During Klay Thompson's introductory press conference, he talked about the "mutual respect" that he and Luka Doncic have for each other and how Doncic excitedly reached out to him after he signed with the team.

Thompson is a fan of Doncic's competitive nature and his game as a whole, and Doncic is going to benefit massively from having Thompson as a teammate now.

There were so many times last season that Doncic would fire an unearthly pass to an open shooter on the perimeter, but they'd miss the shot. Doncic thrives when having sharpshooters on the floor with him, and Thompson will undoubtedly be the best shooter he has ever played with.

Having Thompson on the floor with Doncic will give him more space to operate down low considering all the attention that Thompson commands, and he'll also turn missed shots from last year into swishes.

Thompson is one of the best catch-and-shoot players that this league has ever seen, and he is a dream fit next to Doncic. He has needed a running mate like Thompson who can hit threes at a high clip, and these two are going to dominate the Western Conference with the help of Kyrie Irving.

Thompson is also one of the best off-ball movers ever, and Doncic excels when sharing the floor with active off-ball movers. He always finds them at the perfect time, and this trio has the chance to be extremely special.