6 Dallas Mavericks who are expendable, and 6 they can't afford to trade

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7. Can't afford to trade: Tim Hardaway Jr.

Including Tim Hardaway Jr. as someone that the Dallas Mavericks can't afford to trade may be as controversial take as you'll find, but he has proven this season that Dallas needs him.

After being a hybrid starter for most of his time in Dallas, he has fully embraced his role of coming off the bench. This season for Dallas, Hardaway Jr. is averaging 16.8 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 1.6 assists per game while shooting 38 percent from downtown. This has easily been one of his best seasons since being with the Mavs, and he gives the bench a much-needed spark.

Despite all of this, the Mavs tried to trade him all summer. At one point, he was even "expected" to be traded. Hardaway Jr. shut down the trade rumors at media day and has been balling ever since.

Dallas can't afford to trade Hardaway Jr. due to his importance to the team and how well he is playing off the bench. If Seth Curry, Josh Green, and Jaden Hardy were playing at an elite level, this could be a different story, but Hardaway Jr. is outplaying all of them.

Hardaway Jr. is the obvious third-best player on the Mavs, and he isn't someone they can afford to trade unless they receive someone who can replace his workload off the bench and more.

The decision to keep or trade Hardaway Jr. at the deadline will be a sticky situation as he is playing so well and has a moveable contract, but I think he has proved it may be time to stick with him.