2 ways Seth Curry can help the Mavericks, 2 ways he could hurt

Milwaukee Bucks v Dallas Mavericks
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Hurt 2. Lineup Inflexibility

As previously mentioned, the Mavs will need to pick and choose spots where Seth Curry plays. Sending out Curry next to Kyrie Irving or Jaden Hardy will likely end poorly. Playing Curry next to Josh Green or Dante Exum might be the only answer for the Mavs.

Due to Curry's lack of size for a shooting guard, the Mavs must suit up a bigger and better defender next to him. Of course, Dallas could play another guard next to Curry, but the defense will surely suffer.

Including Curry in any lineup will require some planning for the coaches. Unlike Williams, who can play up to three positions, Curry is limited to one position. Curry is the height of a point guard but doesn't have the lead guard chops that a typical point guard has.

On offense, it's easier to envision Curry next to any player on the Dallas roster. But on defense, his deficiencies must be masked. As it was alluded to earlier, the right player must be paired with Curry.

Curry is a one-dimensional player. Although an extraordinary one-dimensional player, he still only brings one true skill set to the table: shooting. While Curry provides the most important skill in basketball, it remains to be seen how Dallas overcomes his defensive liabilities.