5 Ways the Mavericks can turn the tide of NBA Finals against Celtics

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Kyrie Irving has to play better

Dallas Mavericks superstar Kyrie Irving has been horrible in the first two games of the 2024 NBA Finals, and that's putting it lightly.

Irving is averaging 14 points and four rebounds per game in the Finals while shooting 35.1 percent from the field and zero percent from downtown on eight attempts. He is not the same player that we saw in the Western Conference Finals when he dominated in Game 5, and his struggles to begin this series have been concerning, to say the least.

Irving was clearly rattled by the Boston Celtics crowd in the first two games, and he did himself no favors by stirring the pot after Game 1. The Celtics crowd took exception to his comments, and they were even louder in Game 2.

If the Mavs want to win this series, Irving absolutely has to be better. He knows it, and so does everyone else.

The Celtics' defense on Irving has been outstanding, but superstars don't get taken out completely of series. Irving has to be more efficient and more poised, and playing back at home could help him do that.

He has to get back to playing his game and dominating all facets of the game, and a couple of days off and playing in front of the home crowd should be perfect for him.