10 Under-the-radar players for Dallas Mavericks to target in 2024 NBA Draft

Bronny James
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8. Pelle Larsson (Arizona)

Pelle Larsson would be a sneaky good pickup for the Dallas Mavericks if he falls to them with the 58th pick in this year’s NBA Draft. At 6-foot-6, Larsson is an elite shooter with very good relocation instincts. Larsson shot 42.6 percent from 3-point range in his senior season at the University of Arizona, as he proved he could shoot a highly efficient percentage on 3-pointers, despite a diverse shot diet that featured many contested 3-point attempts.

Larsson is decent defender, as he occasionally struggles in one-on-one scenarios due to his lack of foot-speed, but is a solid recovery agent with his jumping ability, his all-out effort, and timely off-ball defense. Larsson isn’t someone that you are comfortable with running your offense at the NBA level, but he has a quick first step offensively and can blow by defenders routinely when attacking off of closeouts. He’s also a fairly strong finisher in the paint, and he isn’t afraid to take a pull-up two in the right scenario.

Larsson has a good feel for the game as well from a facilitating standpoint, as he averaged 3.7 assists per game from the wing position in his senior year. Larsson doesn’t project to be as dynamic of a shot creator or playmaker at the NBA level, but he’s by no means a one dimensional player either. Larsson would be a great pick for the Mavs at the last pick in the draft, as he’s a polished sniper and has some defensive upside, despite already being 23-years-old.