4 Types of players the Mavericks could trade for that would make them contenders

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2. Another rim protector

For as electric of a season as Dereck Lively II has been having, the rookie has recently dealt with a lot of ankle aggravation and has sporadically been missing some games for Dallas.Dallas can definitely use another big man, but they could opt to go for another traditional rim protector compared to the aforementioned hybrid big man.

Whether or not a new big man could shoot and become a versatile player on offense for Dallas would certainly correspond with how expensive they'd be on the trade market, but Dallas needs rim protection terribly when Lively II is out of the game so they can't be picky in their search for another rim protector.

Dallas had been rumored to be going after the Hawks' Clint Capela last summer, but the ascension of Lively II reportedly diminished Dallas' interest in Capela. Dallas will have to decide whether or not they want to expel assets to bring in an All-Star caliber big-man or not, because bringing in a veteran who can thrive and mentor Lively II may give Dallas the best chance at contending this year.

Lively II has defied all expectations this season so that isn't a slight at him whatsoever, but Dallas undoubtedly needs another big in their lineup if they even if it's a backup. Lively II hasn't proven he can sustain long stretches and still doesn't have the size to deter stronger bigs on defense. Lively II is definitely Dallas' center of the future but they need another shot-blocker in their lineup or else they don't have a chance to compete come playoff time.

Dallas' current slate of backup bigs have provided little to nothing from a defensive perspective this year, and adding another capable defensive-minded big would tremendously improve Dallas' rim protection throughout the entirety of 48-minute contests.