5 Trades Mavericks must make to get rid of Tim Hardaway Jr.

Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr.
Dallas Mavericks, Tim Hardaway Jr. / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Mavericks get starting center

The Mavs were arguably the worst rebounding team in the NBA last season, and they struggled mightily to protect the rim. Dallas drafted Dereck Lively II at 12th overall, but he will not be ready to be the team’s starter. The Mavericks have not addressed their center issue.

The Clippers have put Ivica Zubac on the trade block, and they would love to move on from Marcus Morris’ expiring contract. LA is likely waiting to see if they can land James Harden, but another deal could happen before training camp gets underway.

Zubac trade

This allows the Clippers to open up more minutes for Norman Powell, Terrence Mann, Mason Plumlee, and Russell Westbrook. They want to be title contenders. That means Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have to stay healthy, and the three second-round draft picks could help LA in a future trade.

The Dallas Mavericks get a new starting center and a capable forward that brings toughness. Luka Doncic and Morris Sr. had a dust-up in the playoffs a few years back. Do not expect it to impact this deal, though. Zubac and Morris Sr. would be part of the Mavericks rotation, but it is still not enough to trade an unprotected first-round draft pick in 2027. Is there a move that makes sense for the Mavs using that selection?