5 Trades that get Davis Bertans off the Mavericks roster

Dallas Mavericks, Davis Bertans
Dallas Mavericks, Davis Bertans / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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1. Mavericks target win-now help as Pistons move way up

The Detroit Pistons are rumored to be shopping the fifth overall pick, but what if they want to move up for a second top-ten pick? The Pistons are still in rebuilding mode and could be looking to amass more young talent before pushing for contention.

This may seem light for Detroit, but Tim Hardaway Jr. gives them a floor-spacing wing that would help make up for the loss of Bogdanovic. The Pistons were 22nd in 3-point percentage last season and 19th in 3-point attempts, so they need shooters. Detroit also adds a second top-ten pick that should give them one of the best young cores in the NBA.

Mavs/Pistons trade

The Mavericks get two starters from this trade. Detroit has too many big men, and they could be eager to clear that logjam. Dallas also adds the top pick in the second round, and general manager Nico Harrison proved he can find value in that range when he selected Jaden Hardy last year.

The Detroit Pistons will ask for more for Bogdanovic and Stewart, but a top-ten pick has significant value, especially if a prospect the Pistons want is still on the board. That could lead to a wild deal that is a win-win for both sides.

Will the Dallas Mavericks trade Davis Bertans during the 2023 NBA Draft? Stay tuned to find out.