5 Trades the Dallas Mavericks could make with the 10th pick in the 2023 NBA Draft

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Myles Turner
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2. Toronto Raptors

Why does Toronto do this deal?

Considering how many teams want Anunoby, it seems like the Mavs' offer wouldn't be enough. However, there are a few things to consider first.

For starters, Toronto is at a crucial point in their franchise's journey. They don't currently have the roster to compete for a title, and their first-round draft pick next year goes to San Antonio if it doesn't fall within the top six.

They currently are projected to be almost $40 million over the salary cap for next season.

Even if they trim down as much as possible, that would still leave them $6 million over the salary cap. Fred VanVleet has a player option for $22.8 million next season, and it wouldn't be surprising if he declined that option to sign a larger contract either in Toronto or somewhere else.

Secondly, OG Anunoby has a player option for $19.9 million after the 2023-2024 season. Taking into account his ascension and how much he is coveted around the league, it would be probable that he would decline that option.

Therefore, a team trading for him would only be guaranteed to have him under contract for one season. This should reduce his price tag in a trade with the Raptors.

Gary Trent Jr. also has a player option for a little over $18 million, and it wouldn't be surprising if he declined his option as well.

The Raptors almost assuredly are going to be rebuilding, and adding the tenth pick in this draft to their 13th pick, would be a great star, especially if they end up having to convey their first-round pick to San Antonio next year.

Then, they would also land Jaden Hardy in this trade. Hardy showed tremendous potential in his rookie season with the Mavs. If the 2022 draft was done all over again, he would likely be drafted in the lottery.

He is a fearless guard who plays with buckets of confidence and swagger. He can score from any place on the court and could potentially develop into an All-Star caliber player in the right situation.

Adding Hardy into this package essentially gives the Raptors two lottery talents to pair with their 13th pick in this year's draft. That is a great way to start a rebuilding effort.

Tim Hardaway Jr. will come off the books after two seasons and could be a nice expiring contract the Raptors could flip at the 2024-2025 trade deadline.

Why do the Mavs do this deal?

Dallas simply does this deal because it would give them OG Anunoby.

He is a 25-year-old, 6'7 defensive menace, who shot almost 39 percent from the 3-point line last season on 5.5 attempts per game.

He's also more than just a "3-and-D" guy as he averaged a career-high 4.2 made two-point field goals per game last season. He averaged 16.8 points per game in 2022-2023, so almost half of his points came from inside the arc.

Anunoby would bring the Mavs a two-way player they haven't had on the roster since Shawn Marion, except OG is just now starting to enter his prime, whereas Marion was starting to enter the backside of his career.