5 Trade targets for the Dallas Mavericks that make sense, 5 that don't

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4. Makes sense: Daniel Gafford

The Dallas Mavericks' main focus this trade deadline has been upgrading their power forward position and it seems like they could be interested in finding a backup center. One man who could solve the latter is Daniel Gafford. The Washington Wizards center has all the intangibles Dallas is looking for. Not to mention, he won't break the bank.

The team's interest in Gafford dates back to January when Dallas was weighing all their options.

So, what stands out about Gafford?

Defense, for sure. At 6-foot-10 and 234 pounds, he does a great job protecting the rim. Gafford is averaging a career-high 2.1 blocks per game and one steal this season. He can read the ball well when rebounding and excels in put-back opportunities.

On the offensive side, he excels in scoring inside. He can use his frame to score inside and play a mean pick-and-roll game.

This season, Gafford is averaging 10.7 points per game and 7.9 rebounds while shooting 68.7 percent from the field. On Friday, he did a bit of everything for the team. Against the Miami Heat, Gafford scored 11 points and pulled in 14 rebounds. He also contributed with one block and steal while shooting 50 percent.

Is it possible Dallas could acquire Gafford in a trade for Kyle Kuzma?