5 Trade targets for the Dallas Mavericks that make sense, 5 that don't

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5. Doesn't make sense: Bruce Brown

Another player the Dallas Mavericks have shown interest in is Bruce Brown. The 6-foot-4 guard/small forward was recently traded from the Indiana Pacers to the Toronto Raptors as part of the Pascal Siakam trade.

The Mavs' interest in Brown dates back to the summer when the team wanted to upgrade their wing position.

So what has changed now?

Not much, Brown is still a great defender who can shot the ball well. He does a great job attacking the rim and can get hot from the 3-point line.

Brown is a defensive guard who played a big role in helping the Denver Nuggets win the championship two seasons ago. He is a savvy defender who can make things difficult for scorers and can guard multiple positions.

The problem is Dallas is full of small guards who are great at scoring. Another issue could be acquiring him. The Raptors can be difficult to negotiate with as they demand large capital in return. We saw this in the Siakam trade. Brown's contract is another issue. In the summer, he signed a two-year $45,000,000 contract with Indiana. If Dallas did acquire him, they would have him for the next two seasons unless they turned down their team option this summer.

As much as Dallas needs to improve their defense, I don't see this working out.