5 Trade targets for the Dallas Mavericks that make sense, 5 that don't

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7. Doesn't make sense: Quentin Grimes

It's been clear that the Dallas Mavericks' main priorities this trade deadline include finding a backup center, a true power forward, and a 3-And-D wing. So, where does Quentin Grimes fit into the equation for Dallas?

It's hard to tell. Grimes is a savory scorer who isn't afraid to shoot the ball. This season, he is shooting 39.5 percent from the field and 36.3 percent from the 3-point line. Whenever Grimes gets going, it's hard to stop him. However, whenever he hits a wall, Grimes struggles to find consistency. For example, he knocked down 40 percent of his shots Tuesday, compared to Monday, where he shot 27.3 percent. His streakiness should be a bit of a concern.

On the other side, Grimes' defense is a hit or miss. He does well guarding on-ball, but struggles sometimes off the ball.

The real problem is his position. Dallas is already full of several shooting guards, such as Seth Curry, Tim Hardaway Jr, and Jaden Hardy. Not to mention, Grimes's playmaking is similar to Josh Green's. Unless Dallas were to trade one of their guards like Hardaway Jr., then the trade doesn't make sense.

So, acquiring Grimes shouldn't be a priority for the Mavs. The team has other needs they should focus on.

This is a trade that wouldn't make any sense for Dallas. Dallas has shown interest in him, but Green's new extension would make a trade for him questionable.