5 Trade targets for the Dallas Mavericks that make sense, 5 that don't

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9. Doesn't make sense: Jerami Grant

Now, one player who might not be worth the risk is Jerami Grant. He is a player who Dallas has shown interest in, but acquiring him may be tough.

The Portland Trail Blazers forward is having a great season, averaging 21.3 points per game while shooting 40.3 percent from the 3-point line. He is the Trail Blazers' best player and would be a valuable addition to the Mavericks.

However, adding Grant might do more harm than good. The Portland Trail Blazers have reiterated their intentions to keep their small forward. They believe he could be a long-term solution. Marc Stein described Portland's stance on Grant. (subscription required)

"Portland has been repeatedly described by rival teams in recent weeks as resistant to the notion of trading Jerami Grant, who figured to be a target for some team that missed out on Siakam."

Marc Stein

Grant's salary is another issue. He signed a five-year $160 million deal in the summer. Adding him to the Mavs' roster would derail the team financially. It's possible the team would have trouble adding assets around Luka Doncic because of the massive contract.

So, it wouldn't make sense for Dallas to trade for Grant knowing that he will probably stay put, and his contract would cause a financial downfall for the Mavs. His on-court fit is undeniable, but it seems like he isn't going anywhere. Dallas could still pursue him, but it's starting to look more unlikely by the day.

The Mavs should shift their attention to a cheaper and more reliable forward.