Rumors: Dallas Mavericks to trade for three-point specialist?

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The Dallas Mavericks still have plenty of work to do this offseason if they want to return to the playoffs next season. After missing out on Matisse Thybulle, things may also slow down on their end when it comes to free agency.

They've made some great moves, such as sign-and-trading for Grant Williams, signing Seth Curry, and re-signing superstar point guard Kyrie Irving, but these moves won't be enough for them to return to being NBA Finals contenders.

They have to add a starting big man, and adding some depth on the wing would help too.

Rumors: Dallas Mavericks to trade for three-point specialist?

And according to ESPN's Tim MacMahon, the Mavs could consider trading for a player that was rumored as a trade target for the Mavs last month.

MacMahon was on his show "Howdy Partners" on Tuesday and said that he has "heard some rumblings about revisiting the Bojan Bogdanovic talks." There was a rumored move around the few weeks surrounding the draft that would have sent Tim Hardaway Jr. and the No. 10 pick to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Bogdanovic and the No. 31 pick. These talks never went anywhere, but MacMahon has heard about the Mavs possibly coming back to this idea.

Dallas definitely needs wing help, but I'm not sure that Bogdanovic moves the needle much for this team. Yes, he would be a great floor spacer and would be one of the best shooters on the team, but Dallas needs defense. Bogdanovic is also 34 years old, and the Mavericks need to get younger rather than older. They've shown an effort to get younger by signing the offer sheet for Thybulle, signing Williams, and selecting two players in the first round.

Regardless of his age, Bogdanovic is still an elite offensive player nonetheless. He averaged 21.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 2.6 assists. Bogdanovic also shot 41.1 percent from three.

Dallas could still be in the running for Bogdanovic, and according to MacMahon, he's heard some chatter about them going back to these previously had talks. Stay tuned to see if the Mavericks trade for Bogdanovic and what other moves they decide to make in free agency.