Mavericks trade rumors: Interest in OG Anunoby and exploring all options

Dallas Mavericks, OG Anunoby
Dallas Mavericks, OG Anunoby / Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks want to upgrade their roster, and they are committed to building a title contender around Luka Doncic. Dallas is short on talent, and they only have two first-round picks available to trade. They would love to add a second star, but finding a trade for one is easier said than done, especially given the lack of sellers on the market.

Mavericks trade rumors have been hot and heavy leading into the Feb. 9 deadline. Dallas has been linked to multiple players, and their front office is looking at every option. Can the Mavs find a difference-making move? If not, do they stand pat, and wait until the summer when they will have a full cupboard of their own first-round picks to deal in hopes of landing a second star? It will be something to watch closely.

One of the biggest names on the trade market this year is OG Anunoby. The 6’7 wing can score, make plays, and defend any player on the court. He is the ultimate role player for a contending. The Mavericks are interested but unlikely to acquire him. ESPN’s Tim MacMahon explained why on the latest Hoop Collective podcast where he also dropped a tidbit on the Mavericks trade deadline prospects.

Mavericks trade rumors: Interest in OG Anunoby and exploring all options

Multiple teams are interested in Anunoby, and it is expected to take a massive haul to acquire him. The Raptors are seeking three first-round picks, but will they get that much? Here is what MacMahon had to say about the Mavericks' interest in the 25-year-old wing.

"The Mavericks are sniffing around. I think it would be extremely difficult for them to get into that conversation given the pieces that they have. The Mavericks are going to explore everything, but I think the most likely scenario is that they either stand pat or operate around the fringes. I think they are having conversations now that might set up talks this summer."

There is a ton to unpack there. Fans know general manager Nico Harrison and the Mavericks front office is going to be active and aggressive. The Kristaps Porzingis for Spencer Dinwiddie swap at last year’s deadline proved that. They are having talks and ones that could be key this summer in a massive trade.

MacMahon also threw cold water on fans' hopes of a star deadline acquisition. Dallas could still make one, but it appears they will try to find a smaller move and wait until the summer to go hunting for a big name. The Mavs could trade a second-round pick for another rotation player, but that is likely all fans see before Feb. 9. Fans can listen to the full episode of the podcast below.

There is still plenty to talk about, including what the team does with Christian Wood before the deadline. Do they hang onto his expiring contract or send him out for the best possible return? Stay tuned because there will be plenty of activity between now and Thursday’s trade deadline that fans will not want to miss.

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