3 Trade destinations that make sense for Mavericks' Josh Green, 3 that don't

Indiana Pacers v Dallas Mavericks
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1. Doesn't make sense: Golden State Warriors

Despite the Golden State Warriors' struggles this season, they are stacked in the bigger guard/wing department. The Warriors have Klay Thompson, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody, Gary Payton II, Brandin Podziemski, and Andrew Wiggins already.

Even with Moody and Kuminga's recently reported frustrations with their role, I don't think them trading for Josh Green makes much sense. Green would likely play a similar role as someone like Moody or Payton II, and this team has other pressing needs other than an athletic two-guard.

However, if the Dallas Mavericks were to make a move for Kuminga, Wiggins, or Moody, then Green could come into play. He would fill the Warriors' hole that was left by the traded player, and he would be someone who gives the Warriors youth and upside if they were to decide to change direction.

This doesn't seem likely, especially with Stephen Curry still on the team, but they may need to reload eventually.

Someone like Wiggins or Kuminga makes a ton of sense for Dallas, and the more likely player that the Mavs would trade for seems like Wiggins. I don't think that the Warriors are going to give up Kuminga at the deadline and Wiggins has played poorly this season.

This could lead to someone like Dallas swooping in.

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