5 Trade deadline moves that would boost Mavericks, 5 they must avoid

New Orleans Pelicans v Dallas Mavericks
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7. Avoid: Trading for another defensive-minded shooting guard

The Dallas Mavericks' main reported interest at this year's deadline has been in forwards such as Pascal Siakam and Jerami Grant, but Dallas has also shown interest in a couple of guards as well.

Dallas has been linked to Bruce Brown and Quentin Grimes, but pursuing another defensive-minded shooting guard may not be the best idea. The Mavs already have two great guard defenders in Josh Green and Dante Exum, and minutes for someone like Brown, and especially Grimes, could cause a logjam among the other guards.

Brown would likely join the starting lineup, and would be a phenomenal fit, but is his $22.5 million salary worth it? Does he really make this team that much better?

Brown could help Dallas gain more consistent intensity on the defensive end and his playoff experience is intriguing, but they have many other pressing needs. Adding someone with some size who can play either forward spot may be a better move, and it doesn't look like Dallas has the assets to land him either.

Grimes, on the other hand, has a similar playstyle to that of Josh Green, and having them both on the roster would be an interesting dynamic. Both players bring great energy on both ends of the floor and are good 3-point shooters, but having them both on the team along with Exum doesn't make much sense.

This type of move could look better if the Mavs move Tim Hardaway Jr., but finding minutes for another guard on this roster could be a struggle depending on who they trade at the deadline.