5 Trade deadline moves that would boost Mavericks, 5 they must avoid

New Orleans Pelicans v Dallas Mavericks
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1. Avoid: Gambling with their 2027 first-round pick

One of the Dallas Mavericks' top assets is their 2027 first-round pick.

This is the only first-round pick that they can currently trade, and although it was reported that Dallas is being cautious about trading it this summer, they could trade it if the right deal presents itself.

But they shouldn't gamble if they are going to trade this pick. If they are extremely confident that the player returning in the trade is going to be a great fit, they could make this move. If they don't, Dallas should hold on to this pick and potentially trade it this summer when they can trade more first-round picks.

This 2027 first-round pick is so valuable because it falls on the year that Luka Doncic's contract expires. He has a player option after the 2025-26 season, meaning that if he were to leave Dallas in free agency, the 2027 first-round pick would fall after the Mavs' potential first season without Doncic.

Doncic seems like he loves playing in Dallas, but if they can't make some deep playoff runs before then, he could want out. This pick would be crucial in Dallas rebuilding, and it potentially could be a lottery pick if Dallas struggles.

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