Top 10 wings the Dallas Mavericks should sign in free agency

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3. Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown might be the best fit of any player on this list, and the Mavs should be excited about the opportunity to bring him in.

Brown is already rumored as a Mavericks' target, and he is scheduled to meet with the Mavs at the start of free agency on Friday.

Brown was a crucial part of the Nuggets' NBA Finals run as he averaged 12 points, four rebounds, 1.9 assists, and 1.1 steals per game in the playoffs. He is a great two-way player, and his fit in Dallas is inevitable.

He would step in and be the best defender on the Mavs, and can competitively guard the other team's best wing or guard. Brown is a competitor, and he knows what it takes to win in the playoffs, as he just won the NBA Finals.

Adding a player that is young and has championship experience is ideal, and Brown has both.

If the Mavs were to sign Brown, it would probably be for the full MLE (if they can free it up). If they can bring in some more supporting pieces through trade and with the bi-annual exception, this move would be golden for Dallas. They could want to split up the MLE on multiple players, but if they don't, Brown would be the perfect candidate.