Top 5 most intriguing quotes from Dallas Mavericks Media Day

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1. Kyrie Irving quotes

Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic elected to speak to the media a few days ahead of actual media day, and while Luka maintained his short-spoken self throughout his media day session per usual, Kyrie Irving had a slew of interesting quotes that will have Mavericks fans excited for next season.

The most intriguing quote from Kyrie came in regards to how excited he was about the Mavs' offseason moves as well as how extensively he was involved in them.

"I’m happy about the moves, no harsh criticism from me. They asked me what I thought throughout the summertime. Even in our closing meetings, they just asked me questions, trying to gauge who I wanted to play with and who I saw in the market and who in these next couple of free agency classes will be available. That’s pretty interesting."

Kyrie Irving

The fact that Irving was being acclimated into discussions regarding how the Mavericks should build a roster around him and Doncic is a very positive sign, and Irving seems to appreciate the player-first organization that Dallas holds their hat on.

Besides how welcomed it seems Kyrie has felt since being in Dallas, Irving's mere presence appeals to other players because of how relatable he is off the court, as well as how revered his game is by younger players in today's NBA. It's extremely exciting that Dallas has let the reigns loose to let Kyrie recruit in the coming seasons, and only time will tell how much Irving's connections could pay dividends.

"So, being here in this locker room and going through training camp for the first few days, from day one I felt like — I was just telling one of our guys in there I wish I would have got drafted by Dallas initially. Obviously, they weren’t in position in 2011, but just feeling how this organization wraps their arms around the guys, I had some of that feeling and sentiment in other places. But you can just feel that there was a difference here when I started from day one and these guys really wanted me to be here."

Kyrie Irving

As can be seen from the quote above though, Irving is as secure as can be for the time being in Dallas and the future will hopefully only get more exciting from here.

We'll have you covered for the rest of training camp as well as how the Mavs' upcoming trip to play preseason games in Abu Dhabi and Madrid unfolds.