Top 5 players the Dallas Mavericks should sign after two weeks of free agency

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Justise Winslow, Dallas Mavericks
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1. Justice Winslow

Justice Winslow would be a last-case scenario for the Mavs, but his defense should make them consider him.

Winslow played for the Trailblazers last season and averaged 6.8 points, five rebounds, 3.4 assists, and one steal per game. He only played 29 games due to an ankle injury but had a solid season. The season before, he started the season with the Clippers and was later traded to the Blazers.

The 2021-22 season was a good bounceback season for him once he got to Portland, and last season wasn't bad. Winslow would be a solid piece for the Mavs off the bench and provide them with defensive versatility.

Winslow struggles offensively, but that's something that the Mavs could cover up. They have dynamic scorers off the bench, and Winslow could be a defensive stopper. He can guard two through four effectively and has the strength to battle in the post. Winslow is a competitor and would be a good fit off Dallas' bench.

Offensively, Winslow is a good slasher and cutter. He is also an underrated passer and can handle the ball well for his size. Winslow is not a good three-point shooter and has shot 31.5 percent from three for his career, but Dallas would only need him to defend and let everyone else do the work offensively.

Picking up Winslow wouldn't be a move that excites fans much, but picking up another defensive-minded wing is important.