Top 10 dream trade targets for the Dallas Mavericks this season

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3. Alex Caruso

The Chicago Bulls are currently entering a weird position. They need to decide whether to blow up their roster or go all in for a playoff run. If the Bulls decide to move on from this current rendition of their roster, a likely name that would need to be dealt away would be Alex Caruso.

Caruso could become the ideal defensive guard the Mavericks have been looking for all along. Yes, the Mavericks have Josh Green, but the addition of Caruso would instantly be a huge upgrade. His 36 percent shooting from behind the arc would only rise alongside Irving and Doncic, but he would also become an instant fan favorite with his famous hairstyle and high-flying dunks.

The addition of Caruso could mean a lot more than just defense. His ability to not only knock down shots but also create could be an untapped skill of his. Fans have become accustomed to his insane put-back dunks, but this is only a nod to his rebounding and cutting ability when playing off the ball, which would be perfect next to Doncic.

Defensively, the Mavericks would gain an elite on-ball pest. During the 2020 NBA Finals, Alex Caruso was looked at to take a huge load off of Lebron and pretty much every Lakers player's shoulders while coming off the bench. Caruso quickly showed his worth that season, and not long after, signed a deal with the Chicago Bulls.

It may take quite a large package to land Caruso in Dallas, but if the Mavericks are poised to take the next leap and become a championship-caliber team, it could be in their best interest to make some calls to Chicago.