Top 10 dream trade targets for the Dallas Mavericks this season

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9. Daniel Gafford

Daniel Gafford would likely be more challenging to trade for compared to the aforementioned Clint Capela, but it would be at a cheaper cost and Gafford has a lot more upside.

The former 38th pick in the 2019 NBA Draft has had some amazing highlight dunks in his time in the NBA. With the Washington Wizards, he has truly developed and found a role on one of the weakest NBA rosters. Getting Gafford would add to a pool of young talent the Mavericks have obtained, and it could be the perfect fit next to Luka Doncic.

Gafford's athletic ability to leap out of the gym alongside Doncic would be a walking highlight reel every night.

Standing at just 6-foot-10, and weighing 234 pounds, Gafford would be a bit undersized for a starting center. However, height wouldn't be a huge problem due to his elite shot-blocking ability. He and Grant Williams would create an epic front-court duo on the defensive end. Williams would be asked to hunker down and use his strength to guard some of the bigger players, while Gafford would be asked to use his athleticism to block every shot at the rim.

On offense, Gafford's pick-and-roll ability would be put on display alongside Kyrie Irving and Luka, and both would find it easy to throw lobs all day to Gafford.

Not to mention, Gafford's rebounding ability would greatly impact the Dallas Mavericks. Having a legit rebounder has been a dream of the Mavericks for many years, and Gafford would be exactly this. Acquiring Gafford should be something the Dallas Mavericks are eyeing every day.