Top 10 bench players in Dallas Mavericks history

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1. Jason Terry

Rounding out the top stop is former Sixth Man of the Year Jason Terry. The former Mavericks' guard was a vital part of the team's success during the mid to late 2000s.

Terry first came to Dallas at the start of the 2004-05 season. The team traded for him in hopes that he would help replace All-Star guard Steve Nash.

He started in 57 out of 80 games in his first season with the team. The following year, Terry started in all 80 games for the Mavs; during the 2006-07 season, he started in all but one game for the team.

Terry later transitioned into becoming the team's primary sixth man. He won the Sixth Man of the Year award during the 2008-09 season. That year, he averaged 19.6 points per game while starting in just 11 games.

During the NBA Finals, he averaged 18 points per game and 1.3 steals per game in 32.5 minutes per game. In Game 6, Terry scored 27 points, helping Dallas win their first NBA title.

His lethal 3-point shooting and high caliber offense made him a fan favorite in Dallas. Terry's ability to drop 20 points off the bench is what made him stand out.

It is safe to say that Terry has the most accomplished resume of any bench player in Dallas' history. His charismatic attitude is something that can't be forgotten.

Terry taught Mavs fans what a true Sixth Man of the Year looked like, and he embraced that role wholeheartedly.

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