4 former Dallas Mavericks thriving elsewhere, 4 struggling this season

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The Dallas Mavericks are off to an outstanding start to the season, and all signs are pointing up for this Dallas team. Dallas is sitting at 9-5 after Sunday night's loss to the Kings, but the team is clearly much better than they were last season.

Derrick Jones Jr. has been one of the most underrated signings in the NBA this season, and Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving are dominating offensively.

This team was beautifully built around Dallas' star duo, and Nico Harrison has made the necessary moves for this team to contend in the Western Conference.

4 former Dallas Mavericks thriving elsewhere, 4 struggling this season

Dallas lost several players this offseason, and their roster looks quite different from how it looked at the end of last season.

Here are four former Dallas Mavericks that are thriving and four that are struggling so far this season.

8. Struggling: Justin Holiday

Dallas signed Justin Holiday from the buyout market in February, and he actually played heavy minutes for someone who was from the buyout market.

During his time in Dallas, Holiday averaged 4.4 points, 1.8 rebounds, 0.9 assists, and 0.8 steals per game while playing 16.4 minutes per game (stats of November 20). He also started in two games and was always one of the first players off the bench for Dallas.

Despite Holiday being a solid 3-point shooter in the past, he struggled in Dallas. He shot 28.6 percent from downtown on 3.1 attempts per game.

Holiday ended up signing with the Denver Nuggets this summer, and his numbers haven't been the best there either. He is averaging 2.4 points per game in just 7.2 minutes per game. Holiday has not been in Denver's rotation (other than on Sunday in which he played 17 minutes), and with their team being so strong, he may never be.

Holiday played so much in Dallas due to their lack of wing depth, but he may not ever get another opportunity like that again.