3 things we've learned about the Mavericks since preseason has started

Real Madrid Vs Dallas Mavericks - Exhibition Match
Real Madrid Vs Dallas Mavericks - Exhibition Match / Borja B. Hojas/GettyImages
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2. Dante Exum is legit

The Dallas Mavericks took a gamble this summer when they signed Dante Exum to a two-year deal, but through three preseason games, it's certainly paying off. Exum has put up impressive numbers so far in his return to the NBA through three preseason games, as he's averaged 5.7 assists per game and has nailed three out of his four shots from beyond the arc after spending the last few seasons overseas.

Exum has looked tenfold more confident with his playmaking, finishing, and jump shot compared to when we last saw him in the NBA briefly with the Cavaliers during the 2020-21 season. Couple that with the fact that he's always been a dynamic defender who's been able to guard both guards and smaller wings and it bodes credence to the fact that he can be a very useful guard off the bench.

We'll have to see if Exum is able to hone in on the offensive side of the ball and shoot at a consistent level for longer than three preseason games, but at the very worst he's an excellent pusher in transition and elite defender.

The writing is on the wall for Exum to carve out a nightly role in Dallas, but the Mavericks may have found a hidden gem on their hands and an upgrade from Frank Ntilikina last year at the very worst. If Exum is as dynamic of a playmaker as he's showcased throughout preseason, he could very well be leading the Mavericks' second unit as the first guard off the bench when the Mavericks debut in San Antonio on October 25.