5 things fans learned from Dallas Mavericks debut of Kyrie Irving

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving, Reggie Bullock
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving, Reggie Bullock / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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Thing fans learned from the Dallas Mavericks debut of Kyrie Irving: 3. Off-ball movement

Luka Doncic loves to run spread pick and rolls, and just break down the defense. Often when number 77 is leading, the big man sets a screen for Luka as the other three players spot up beyond the 3-point line. The Mavs run sets, but there is not a lot of off-ball movement. It helps Doncic throw his jaw-dropping no-look passes and get some energy from the crowd.

Those screaming that the Luka and Kyrie partnership would not work out because there is only one ball were not happy if they watched Wednesday’s game. Not only was Irving playing off the ball a ton, but he brings movement away from the ball.

Irving got free multiple times by moving without the basketball and getting to a space on the floor where nobody could guard him. He could make a massive impact with his movement away from the ball. Dallas does not defend well when offenses flow and sink open shots, so they should start doing that to other people.

Irving’s first bucket as a Maverick was helped by moving without the ball and getting free in the paint. See the historic play below.

Moving without the ball is not the only thing that Kyrie Irving will help the Mavericks with, including the next item on this list.