3 things Mavericks guard Josh Green must improve to reach his ceiling

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2. Assertiveness

The most important aspect of Green's game in need of improvement is his assertiveness. On defense, Green is always flying around, going for steals, crashing the boards, and taking on tough defensive assignments. But on offense, Green tends to look uncomfortable on occasion.

Green shot the ball extremely well a season ago, but he didn't look to shoot more often as his minutes increased. Green only attempted double-digit shots eleven times a season ago. And all of those instances occurred after mid-January.

The offensive indecisiveness that plagues Green may be due to his lack of a true offensive skill. Also, the athletic wing doesn't possess a go-to move.

Although Green has great length and athleticism, he doesn't use it to get to the rim as frequently as he should. He only averaged 4.9 drives per game, less than his young counterpart Jaden Hardy, who averaged ten fewer minutes per game.

To become more well-rounded offensively, Green must demonstrate some assertiveness on offense. Whether it be attempting more threes, initiating more drives, or finding his go-to move on offense, a more aggressive Green would do wonders for the Dallas offense.