8 Dallas Mavericks that fans were wrong about this season

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7. Richaun Holmes

When the Dallas Mavericks made a draft night trade to acquire Richaun Holmes, there was excitement from the fanbase as most fans thought of him as someone who could contribute on this team.

Holmes was a player that Dallas fans had wanted the team to trade for in years past, but Dallas never pulled the trigger. In the draft night trade, Nico Harrison fulfilled the fans' wishes as he traded a traded player exception to the Sacramento Kings for Olivier-Maxence Prosper and Holmes.

This trade was centered around Prosper, as he was someone that Dallas had their eye on, but fans believed that Holmes was going to turn his career around in Dallas after a rough stretch in Sacramento.

After just 10 games, it's clear that Holmes isn't the same player that he once was, and something massive would have to change in order for him to get minutes.

He has only played in two games this season, and he only scored four points and grabbed four rebounds (combined). With Dereck Lively II, Maxi Kleber, and Dwight Powell taking up all the minutes at center, it looks like Holmes is going to be an end-of-the-bench guy while on the Mavs.

Fans had fun speculating about the potential of Holmes, but they were quickly proved wrong through his poor play in the preseason and lack of minutes during the regular season.