3 Teams Mavericks should want to face in next year’s playoffs

Last season, the Dallas Mavericks missed the playoffs for the first time since the 2018-19 season. Assuming Dallas bounces back, who are three possible teams they might want to face?
Philadelphia 76ers v Dallas Mavericks
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Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant
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1. Memphis Grizzlies

One final team Dallas should be excited to match up against is the Grizzlies. Last season, Memphis exceeded expectations as they finished the year as the number two seed. Ja Morant and his team struggled against the Lakers in the playoffs, losing in six games.

This offseason, things got even worse for the franchise. The team traded away their best defender, Dillon Brooks, and lost their franchise player for 25 games this upcoming season. Morant was suspended by the league for wielding a firearm on social media. He was suspended for eight games in March for a similar incident.

So how does this affect Dallas?

Well, Dallas is in the same division as Memphis. Assuming things go sour for the Grizzlies, the Mavs' chances of winning the Southwest Division increase. Also, Dallas plays Memphis in three of their first 25 games.

Basically, the Mavs must take advantage of playing the Grizzlies without Morant.

On paper, Memphis did not do much to improve their roster. Some additions include Marcus Smart and Derrick Rose. The problem is both plays don't match Morant's points per game.

Memphis is one team Dallas could match up well with in the playoffs. Morant vs. Doncic? Bane vs. Irving?

Now, let's stop with the what-if talk. It is time for Dallas to back up their act words and get back to the playoffs this upcoming season.