5 Teams that the Mavericks need to avoid in the playoffs next year

Here are five teams the Dallas Mavericks need to avoid in the NBA Playoffs next year.
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4. Sacramento Kings

I think everyone was surprised when the Sacramento Kings came out of nowhere and made the playoffs last season. After the Dallas Mavericks were eliminated prior to the Play-In Tournament, I needed a team to root for, and I picked the Kings.

Their team is like a stealth bomber, as teams often misjudge them while doing the scouting report, underestimating the talent on their squad at every turn.

They made some impressive signings during the offseason that the Mavericks should be concerned about. They re-signed Domantas Sabonis, who was an All-NBA Third Team center last year, and should be primed for another great year this season.

They also traded for wing Chris Duarte, who was a solid addition and signed Sasha Vezenkov, who played for Olympiacos Piraeus this past year. Vezenkov is a former EuroLeague MVP who can make some three-pointers coming off the bench. Whether his game translates to the NBA or not is yet to be seen.

With all these new additions to the squad, the Kings will probably make another postseason run this season. With how well they performed last year and the talent they added, Dallas may want to avoid the Kings.