4 Players the Dallas Mavericks could target in the 2nd round of the 2023 NBA Draft

Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban
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The Dallas Mavericks are entering the 2023 NBA Draft with only the tenth overall pick. Currently, the Mavericks don't have any second round picks. There have been a ton of gems, such as Fred VanVleet and Nikola Jokic, which have gone in the second round in recent years. Dallas drafted Jaden Hardy in round two in 2022.

Here are some players that the Mavericks should target if they decide to trade into the second round of this year's draft.

4 Players Dallas Mavericks could target in 2nd round of the 2023 NBA Draft

4. Ricky Council IV SG/SF Arkansas

Sometimes when you trade into the second round, you got to take a project that can play two positions. Ricky Council is one of those players that is drawing a lot of attention from teams to possibly be selected at the top of the second round. His ability to play guard or forward along with his ability to create looks could have the Mavericks trading back into the second round.

3. Keyontae Johnson SF/PF Kansas State

Keyontae Johnson is another forward that the Mavericks should take a look at if they decide to trade back into the second round. He was just cleared by the NBA for his heart issue. He can create shots, and he is a terrific defender, which should have the Mavericks looking.

If Johnson needs some time to develop before getting called up to the Dallas Mavericks, he can play right down the road in Frisco at the Comerica Center for the Texas Legends.

2. Tristan Vukcevic (KK Partizan, C)

If the Mavericks are looking to find a gem at the center position, look no further than Tristan Vukcevic. The 20-year-old seven-footer shot 40 percent from beyond the arc last season. His ability to face up at the basket and to lay it in has teams intrigued. However, I think he would be a stash-and-store kind of player down in Frisco.

1. Nikola Durisic (Mega MIS, SF)

The Mavericks might take a flier on the teenager based on his first name. But in all seriousness, he seems like the perfect kind of player just to take a chance on at this point in the NBA draft. His ball handling and his playmaking ability should intrigue the Mavericks.

Durisic could be a low-risk version of Luka Doncic. The Mavs could stash him over in Europe for a couple of seasons to develop since he's in his teens.

We have seen so many second-round picks lately go on to be gems in the league. Look at Nikola Jokic right now. He was a late second-round pick and turned out to be a two-time MVP so far in his career.

The Dallas Mavericks have to consider the next "Nikola Jokic" regardless of position is in the 2023 NBA Draft somewhere. Sometimes you have to take a risk, and the Mavs should consider doing that in this year's draft, especially if they believe in the player.

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