3 studs, 2 duds from Mavericks Summer League win over 76ers

The Dallas Mavericks came back to get a win over the Philadelphia 76ers in their second Summer League game, so let's look at three studs and two duds from the contest.
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2. Dud - Three-point shooting

Alright, so this isn’t a player, but it needs to be on the list. This Dallas Mavericks Summer League squad simply doesn’t have many real three-point threats on the roster.

Jaden Hardy is a solid shooter, but he’s a volume guy, so his efficiency often sufferers, as it did against the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night. He shot 2-of-8 from distance.

Obviously, Dereck Lively II isn’t taking threes, and Olivier-Maxense Prosper isn’t the best shooter, either. He’s been cold, but he makes up for it with elite defense. (More on that soon.)

On top of that, Dallas filled out their roster with a ton of great athletes at the wing and forward positions, but none of them are particularly solid three-point shooters, which is tough at times.

AJ Lawson and Brandon Randolph are great athletes, and they made an impact against Philadelphia, but they combined to shoot 0-of-4 from distance. Braxton Key shot 1-of-1, but he’s not a three-point guy. The same goes for Taze Moore, who shot 1-of-2 but isn’t known for his shooting.

Jordan Walker shot 2-of-4, which gave the team a nice boost, and despite shooting 0-for-1, Mike MIles Jr. can shoot the ball, too. But that’s just not enough.

It’s Summer League, so it’s okay, but the shooting just isn’t there on this Dallas squad.