3 studs, 2 duds from Mavericks Summer League opener vs. Thunder

The Dallas Mavericks opened up their Summer League slate against the Oklahoma City Thunder, so here are three studs and two duds from the game.
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3. Stud - Derck Lively II

Based on the stat sheet, Dereck Lively II had a relatively average game. Some could even say it was disappointing for the 12th overall pick, considering the hype surrounding him as one of the better big men in the class.

Against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Lively finished the afternoon with four points, five rebounds, and one steal. He only played 16:29, had four personal fouls, and shot just 1-of-2 from the field.

During his time at Duke, Lively was never a great offensive player, and Mavericks fans got a taste of why in his first Summer League performance, but that’s not why they drafted him.

Dallas drafted Lively for his defense.

Lively didn’t record any blocks against the Thunder, but his defense was just fun to watch. His giant presence in the paint and great awareness stood out, as did his athleticism.

This past season, the Mavericks’ defense was rough, and it was one of the main things they needed to address this summer. They did this by drafting Lively and Olivier-Maxence Prosper.

Lively is just 19 years old and will have plenty of chances to show off his skillset throughout Summer League and preseason. He’s a guy who should be able to make an impact in Dallas from the jump.