3 studs, 2 duds from Mavericks Summer League win over Hawks

The Dallas Mavericks dominated the Atlanta Hawks in their final Summer League game, and here are three studs and two duds from the contest.
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For the Dallas Mavericks, Summer League provided them with a great opportunity to not only take a look at their rookies but also scope out potential young talent that could help them moving forward.

On Sunday night, the Mavericks wrapped up their Summer League schedule with a dominant victory over the Atlanta Hawks of the game that saw them steamroll their opponents in the second half of the game.

As was the case with all of their Summer League games, some players stood out while others fell a bit flat. In this game, not many Mavericks players fell under the second category, as they picked up a huge win, so take the “Duds” list with a grain of salt.

But before we get into the Studs and Duds of the contest, let’s take a look at some honorable mentions.

Honorable mention: Dereck Lively II

This has been the summer of Dereck Lively II, as with each passing game, the big man out of Duke has looked more and more like a guy who could start from the jump.

Lively’s freak athleticism, great feel for the game, and willingness to talk on the defensive end have helped him stand out. He was once again impressive against the Hawks, throwing down some awesome dunks.

Honorable mention: Taze Moore

While the box score might make it look like Taze Moore had an average game, as he shot just 1-of-4, his energy and ability to do the little things made him look solid.

He had five rebounds, three assists, and two steals against the Hawks, too. Moore could be a guy who the Mavericks target on a two-way contract or, at the very least, look to keep around so he can develop with the Texas Legends.

With all that said, let’s take a look at the Studs and Duds of the Mavericks’ final Summer League game against the Hawks.