3 Studs, 2 duds in Mavericks' first loss of the season to Nuggets

Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets
Dallas Mavericks v Denver Nuggets / C. Morgan Engel/GettyImages
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2. Dud - Tim Hardaway Jr.

Tim Hardaway Jr. didn't have a terrible game by any means, but it was certainly his worst game of the year. This was the first time Hardaway Jr. didn't score in the double digits.

Also, it was Hardaway Jr.'s first time not making multiple 3-pointers. He only shot the ball eight times from the floor and five times from distance.

The sharpshooter's best attribute is his microwave-scoring ability. Without the high-volume shooting, Hardaway Jr. is just a guy on the court. He played nearly 27 minutes but was an afterthought for much of the second half.

During the ever-important final quarter, Hardaway Jr. played seven minutes and only took one shot. A 3-pointer that he missed.

Sure, Hardaway Jr. is a fantastic floor-spacer who opens up the floor for the remaining players on the court. But why not play Derrick Jones Jr. in crucial moments as he has displayed the ability to knock down 3-pointers while also playing good defense.

Hardaway Jr. is one of the worst defenders on the team, and when he isn't making his shots, he doesn't bring much value to the floor. It was puzzling that he was playing with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving during the attempted comeback, as Dallas needed defense and rebounding badly.

Games like this are why fans get frustrated with Hardaway Jr., and are likely a reason that he was in trade rumors this summer.