4 Dallas Mavericks whose stocks are skyrocketing, 4 that are fading fast

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5. Stock fading: Maxi Kleber

Maxi Kleber has been known as a floor-spacing rim protector for most of his tenure in Dallas, but his performance since he returned from his torn hamstring last season has been subpar.

Kleber hasn't looked like the same player he was when he was at his peak, and the Mavericks could be regretting the three-year extension that they gave him a few summers ago. He is nowhere close to the same rim protector that he once was, and he has been shaky offensively.

Although Kleber has missed time with a toe injury this season, he hasn't been great when he is on the floor. In four games, Kleber is averaging 3.4 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 2.0 assists per game while shooting 33.3 percent from downtown.

His offensive game lacks confidence and is extremely one-dimensional, and his struggles from last season have worsened during this season.

Kleber also doesn't move the same as he did before the injury and seems uninterested when rotating to be a help-side rim protector. That was something that made him so great before the injury, and now his entire defensive playstyle is different.

The Mavs will need more out of Kleber defensively, as their defense in the paint is awful when Dereck Lively II is on the bench or out (as we saw Wednesday night against Toronto). Time will tell if Kleber can ever return to his peak form.