4 Mavericks whose stocks are rising, 4 that are falling before Thunder series

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving
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7. Falling: Maxi Kleber

The Dallas Mavericks got unfortunate injury news this weekend when it was reported that Maxi Kleber would miss several weeks and could be out for the rest of the 2024 NBA Playoffs.

This injury news came at the worst possible time considering that Kleber was playing so well and was a huge X-factor in their first-round series against the LA Clippers. Kleber turned his struggles from the end of the season around and had an excellent first-round series, and him getting injured happened at the worst possible time.

The Mavs were finally starting to get healthy with Tim Hardaway Jr. practicing today, and now Dallas is having to battle serious adversity with Kleber not being able to play. He gives the Mavs so much versatility with his ability to play both the four and the five.

The Mavs could either go big and play him at the four or go small and play him at the five. Kleber's perimeter defense allows him to play either spot, and his size allows him to guard up and run the five.

He was having arguably the best stretch of the season during the first round and he seemingly couldn't miss from downtown. Kleber going 5-7 from downtown in Game 5 was huge in giving them momentum in the first half to ultimately go grab the win, and all of his threes were timely.

This is a huge blow for the Mavs, and only time will tell if someone can replicate his impact.