Snoop Dogg clears the air on wild Luka Doncic trash talk story

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic / David Berding/GettyImages

During Game 5 of the 2024 Western Conference Finals, Luka Doncic was dropping it like it's hot against the Timberwolves as he dominated and led Dallas to a win. Unfortunately, it didn't come without hearing boos and taunts from Timberwolves fans at Target Center.

One of the fans in attendance who wasn't a Timberwolves fan, but still loves basketball was the one and only Snoop Dogg, who was playing a concert in Hinckley, Minnesota, the next night, was at the game with Jimmy Jam.

Right in front of him, Snoop Dogg got to see Doncic trash talk the fans back with saying "who's crying (expletive)? When some thought it was directed at Snoop Dogg, it wasn't.

Snoop Dogg clears the air on wild Luka Doncic trash talk story

DJ Whoo Kid interviewed Dogg less than a week ago on the "WHOO'S House Podcast" and couldn't resist asking him what went down during the third quarter of Game 5.

"Luka wasn't talking to me," Snoop Dogg said. "It was somebody that was talking (expletive) to him. Every minute I was there he was like 'Luka you cry baby. You cried.' Then when Luka took the lead, he said 'who's crying now (expletive).'"

Trash talk doesn't bother Doncic, and he certainly will say something back when a fan or player provokes him.

"If they're gonna chirp at me, I'm gonna chirp back," Doncic said in January 2023. "I ain't scared."

This year, Doncic has been able to elevate his game and silence haters by finishing third in MVP voting and becoming a trash talker when necessary.

Believe it or not, Game 5 was the first time Snoop Dogg got to witness Doncic play a basketball game live. Snoop Dogg is friends with Kyrie Irving, but couldn't pass on a chance to see him play. He became a Doncic fan that night.

"This (expletive) a dog," Dogg said. "He get down. I like his get down."

From the previous Game 5 last round, to the current Game 5 this time. Doncic and his Mavs trail the series against the Celtics 3-1 in the NBA Finals with Game 5 being tonight at 7:30 p.m. CT.

Entering tonight, Dallas has momentum after a 122-84 win in Game 4 this past Friday. Doncic led the Mavs with 29 points. The Mavs will need another excellent performance from Doncic for a chance to push the series back to Dallas for Game 6.